We are committed to prayer.

To be a follower of Jesus is to be connected to the supernatural life and power of God. We keep the connection strong by engaging in personal and community prayer. Jesus promised that when just two or three people are gathered in His name, He is there.

We pray for our city, our ministry and personal needs. Whether you need prayer or would like to join us in prayer, we welcome you.

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Team Descriptions

Care and Connect

The Care and Connect team serves all of the Dream Team (Volunteer) members here at Cities Church by initiating one-on-one connection via monthly phone calls and relationship building through small group gatherings.

Creative Technology

Creative Technology is the heartbeat of the sound and visuals for our Worship Experiences. This includes lighting, sound engineering, and presentations (projection).

Photography and Video

Photography and Video is an essential part of our outreach strategy. This team is responsible for taking photos at events as well as shooting and editing videos for our Worship Experience and Social Media.


The Events team is responsible for the organization and execution of events at Cities Church. They help create and pull off amazing events that friends and family will want to attend.

First Steps

First Steps is for those who want to help train and build leaders for our Dream Teams. First Steps is the 4-week class that all new Dream Team members complete before serving on a team.

First Impressions

The First Impressions team makes sure that all of our guests feel welcome and find everything they need when they come to a Worship Experience.


The Hospitality team is responsible for providing breakfast for volunteers, refreshments and snacks for the congregation as well as any other catering arrangements for special events.


The Kids team is all about creating an environment for kids to hear the message of Jesus, grow as leaders, and have a ton of fun while doing it.


The Parking team are some of the first people you will see at Cities Church. They help people find parking space easily.

Setup and Teardown

Before anyone arrives for a Worship Experience, the Setup and Teardown team was there to make it all possible. They are some of the first to arrive and the last ones to leave.

Social Media

The Social Media team is responsible for the creation and scheduling of content on our social media platforms.


The Worship Team is a vital part of our Worship Experiences. They lead the congregation in worship through music.

Youth Movement

Aside from our regular Sunday morning Worship Experiences, we also have another Worship Experience specifically for Youth.

We are committed to a lifestyle of prayer.

Prayer meetings every Friday at 7PM
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